What is the best gaming laptop?


Gaming is like a marriage. This means every person has different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing a life partner. The same way; everybody takes into considerations some factors before buying a gaming laptop. To consider what is best gaming laptop, it should strike a balance between performance and pricing.

You may consider the following features before making a purchase decision .These will help you determine what is the best gaming laptop.

  1. The design of the laptop– The outward look and appearance of color and shape.
  2. Key spacing and compress range –How easy will it be able to press the keys and what is their travel distance on the keyboard.
  3. Cooling mechanism.- This is a real issue when it comes to gaming laptops.
  4. The RAM size- Generally; the larger the RAM, the better the laptop is for gaming. RAM is where files and programs are placed in the process of their execution.
  5. Storage- Check on the RAM, CPU, GPU features, etc
  6. The size of the screen .- Check for an average display which won’t be too small or too big.

To be able to understand the features well; let’s analyze the features of  ASUS ROG G752 VM.

In the course of reading through the outlined excellent features; you will have no doubt left that this is the best gaming laptop. The question of what is the best gaming laptop will be amicably solved.

The features are not analyzed in any particular order, and thus the last sentence carries the same weight as the first sentence, so just read to the end to see all the features. Here is another stuffs you need to take look in order to figure out what is the best gaming laptop?

  1. Before you even open the laptop, the cover itself is captivating. It has large well-placed cooling pads, hard best plastic cover with an aluminum finishing.
  2. It’s a GTX of 1060 GPU which is a real display of power.
  3. It has the latest graphic cards which compare to those of gigabyte p57 but beats this one on price.
  4. It has an Intel core of i7-6700HQ CPU, quite a big RAM of 16GB, and an SSD card of 256GB, with a 1 TB hard drive.
  5. It has a screen size of 17.3 inches in display and offers the best resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  6. It has well-displayed USB ports; 2 on each side, a full-size HDML, mini display port and a Gigabit Ethernet socket.
  7. It executes graphics at a rate of 70 frames per second at its 1080 pixel resolution.
  8. It has a speed of 2.6 GHz and a turbo boost of 3.5 GHz with card reading capabilities of 757 MB/S and writes at 749 MB/S. Its hard drive reads at 141 Mb/s and writes at 135 Mb/s.
  9. It’s relatively affordable at an average retail price of $1500.
  10. It has Nvidia 10 series GPU graphic card. Its keyboard display is excellent with wide space between keys and big shift keys and some customizable buttons.

Some of its drawbacks.

  1. Its quite bulky weighing 4.06 kg and thickness of about 43mm. However, with these features, it’s still a portable gaming laptop.
  1. Its battery life is not the best but on a normal usage can last up to 4 hours.


While most of the people would think that developing your own desktop gaming machine would be an easier way out; wait until you start assembling the hardware devices; you won’t like the hassle. My recommendation is always to get what has been approved by the manufacturing bodies. You must be wise enough to know what is the best gaming laptop should be?