i7 Gaming Laptops

It’s a new generation. A generation where we are moving forward towards better technology every day. So is the case in laptops or especially gaming laptops. We started a long way ago from the processors like Intel Pentium 2, Pentium 3 and then now we are, where processors are in either i3, i5 or i7 version. There were many processors before too. However, as far as gaming is concerned, one must prefer Intel i7 for gaming laptops.

The reason for selecting Intel i7 over any other processor is because it is by far the most superior and advanced processor till now. Every gaming laptop employs i7 processor, either 6th or 7th generation, but that is a completely different thing. But what makes i7 so much better than the rest?

The i7 processors are obviously better than i5 or i3 versions in multitasking, having more cache memory which helps you to do repetitive jobs quickly. The clock speeds for i7 processors is much higher than the previous versions. Another impressive feature of i7, which distinguishes it from any other processor, is that it has hyper-threading. It is an ability which helps in running several programs simultaneously very smoothly.

Let us take an i7 gaming laptop and discuss why i7 makes it special and so different from the others.

HP Omen 15

HP Omen 15 has a 6th generation 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7- 6700 HQ Quad core processor. Generally, in the case of i7 gaming laptops, you will find that i7 processors are quad core. In a very rare situation, if the laptop is customized or a limited edition one, where you’ll find 6 or 8 cores for an i7 processor. As we wrote above, an i7 processor always has a cache memory greater than 4 MB, which in this case is 6 MB.

Further, the clock speed is also quite high; a 3.5 GHz laptop is very fast and efficient. In other words, it does not even take a single second to open a file. Hyperthreading is also present. The laptop here is Quad Core, but because of hyperthreading, the processor will behave as if it is an Octa Core processor and can handle 8 different threads at the same time. Thus the power of an i7 laptop is unparallel.

And let us now consider a 7th generation laptop. As Intel says “the best just got better”, they literally mean every single word of it. The seventh generation i7 gaming laptop comes up with Skylake and Kabylake processors which simply enhance the power of an already invincible processor. These processors have improved data connectivity as well, as compared to the lower generations

Another new trend followed by Intel is providing integrated graphics. Now, these integrated graphics simply improve the graphics and save power, since the graphics card is not being used. If it is asked to summarize, the i7 processor is an ideal gaming laptop solution for people who do not want their machines to hang or lag, known as high-end users.