Best Value Gaming Laptop Review

Everybody wants to get real value for their money. The situation is no different for laptop gamers. When it comes to laptop gaming, you have to balance between value and pricing. Some computer brands like Acer claims to be the best in the market, but some of their brands are damn expensive. Bearing in mind that everything made of man cannot be 100% efficient, it is wise to look for a machine which stands at the equilibrium point. Not being too expensive nor being too cheap not to deliver quality. This best value gaming laptop review will give you only the best single choice when it comes to computer games.

To solve this algorithm; Alien Ware developed quite a powerful machine and at a fair price. It’s a top notch device and offers excellent computing services too.

The Alien Ware 15 Intel Core i-7, GTX 1070 with 8 GB GDDR5

Alien ware has been trying to revolutionize the gaming world, and they got a chance to portray their capability through the alien ware 15.

Top 10 main features

  1. Its display is G-sync enabled by an anti-glare 300 Nits Nvidia. The screen size is precisely 15.6 and can configure a 1920 x 1080 games efficiently.
  2. Its battery is long life with up to 11 full working hour’s time.
  3. Its hard drive has a 128GB, M.2 boot, and 1 TB storage with 7200 RPM.
  4. It has a variety of ports like one’s for headphones, microphones, type A and B USB ports, Thunderbolt display ports, mini display port, lock port and much more.
  5. Its processor is an excellent quad-core, 6mb cache, up to 3.8GHz W/ turbo boost and a memory of 8GB DDR 4 at 2400 MHz
  6. It has 5 user programmable keys and a multi-colored RGB.
  7. It has a fully functional alien ware detection software with full backlit button image sensor and a trackpad.
  8. It’s a seventh generation Intel computer
  9. It plays a variety of games with excellent performance and a good cooling system with silent fans.
  10. Its price ranges from $1900 to $2200 and that is a fair deal with all the features outlined and some other technical features which cannot be written down here. It’s no chance that Alien Ware 15 has been reviewed as the best value gaming laptop.

However; despite these features, the Alien Ware 15 has some cons which we cannot afford to miss in this review of the best value gaming laptop

  1. It’s a little bulkier; weighing at more than 3kg. These include the plastic lining around the computer. These are important features as they protect the equipment from fast wearing out
  2. Due to its thickness of 34 mm and weight; it’s definitely not the best laptop to carry around.


Experience the new level generation gaming; with a laptop that has the capability to harness power on a 100 W card. The Full capabilities of a 4 k; and Vr gaming with speeds of up to 2667 MHz. It strikes the perfect balance between weight, performance and battery life. A thermal management system of copper supports 11 hours of battery life. This is definitely the best value gaming laptop.

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