Amd Gaming Laptop

A laptop is made up of various components but for the sake of this review we shall take an AMD gaming laptop to mean one with both the CPU and the GPU made by AMD. This can be termed as a full AMD gaming laptop. They are not as common as you may expect but there are still models in the market.

For example a laptop may have Intel CPU but a GPU from AMD, AMD CPU with NVIDIA GPU. However those can be interchanged to either fit Intel or AMD.

Computer processors enables the laptop to process its request. Depending on the number of threads it can handle, it is either said to be slow or fast. The main competing firms when it comes to computer processors are the INTEL and THE AMD.

Each has its down side but our main focus will be on AMD gaming laptop. A gaming laptop needs to be fast and be able to process commands at a faster rate. Due to these, Intel has been dominating AMD since AMD gaming laptop seems to perform less well than its equivalent Intel gaming laptop.

Intel core i3 has been seen to perform better than an 8 core AMD gaming laptop.

This makes AMD to be the second preferred manufacturer of computer microprocessors. This in no way does it make the advanced micro devices computer substandard, but its only that it is normal to have first, second , third and so positions in a competitive world.

Despite that, an AMD gaming laptop is cheaper than its Intel counterpart mainly due to the following reasons

  1. AMD charges a lower margin per unit to attract more customers bearing in mind it is second. It has to lower prices in a bid to outweigh Intel.
  2. Technology wise AMD is outranked by Intel by the bare fact that it has no compensating processor which can outrank the Intel i7’s.
  3. Most of AMD parts are not of the highest quality desired.
  4. Intel offers a no questions asked 7 years guarantee but AMD offers lesser on its machines.

Bearing the above factors in mind, it’s evident that Intel has a longer life than the AMD counterpart. The best part when it comes to the computer games you may be required to change the graphics card more often.

Due to this an AMD mother board may be desirable bearing in mind the price differentials involved.

Our ideal choice of the AMD gaming laptop is the,

Lenovo Y700

This is a full AMD laptop with a,

  • CPU from AMD of Carrizo FX -880P, has a 6Mb cache and its speed range is 2.1-3.3 GHz.
  • It has a Radeon GPU M385X from AMD with a core of 900-1100 MHZ.
  • Its weight is good at 2.6 kg and dimensions of 15.24×10.91×1.02.
  • It has 1 TB hard drive storage,
  • The chipset is a Lenovo AMD CZ FCH. With 1 and 3 PCI in the e-press ranges of 1,2,4 and 8.
  • Its price is affordable at around $800.
  • Its battery has a 60 Wh and on the body it has various ports for power, card slots , graphics sharing and audio output speakers and head sets. Unfortunately there are no thunder bolt and type c display ports.
  • It has excellent temperature management capabilities with low noise levels.

Taking all factors into consideration, this is a good AMD gaming laptop machine which can deliver excellent results and offer great resolutions.

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